Lecturas en inglés

  • A tooth that becomes a happy tornado

    A tooth that becomes a happy tornado

    Nelly Giraldo Gil

    Roxy is a vain little witch who loses a tooth, and this generates a shock to her self-esteem. She refuses to go to school, dance classes, sh...
  • What´s wrong with Ziggy´s tongue?

    What´s wrong with Ziggy´s tongue?

    Ewa Majewska

    On the one hand, we meet Ziggy, who represents the unknown. He fascinates and inspires the narrator to learn more about him and demonstrate...
  • Shah, the detective

    Shah, the detective

    Miros Kordich

    What is the biggest problem in the world? If you ask people, many would surely tell you it is either lack of food, lack of space, or lack of...
  • Tooth Witch

    Tooth Witch

    Darya Shymanets

    Join Tooth Witch on a mischievous journey as she uses her magic pliers and spells to extract loose teeth. Is she as wicked as she appears, a...
  • Imagine Books

    Imagine Books

    Colette Johnston

    What if books grew on trees like apples or oranges? What if we could pick a book and read an exciting adventure from the other side of the w...
  • Slowy the Slug

    Slowy the Slug

    Darya Shymanets

    Slowy is an adventurous slug, who always keeps himself busy in the garden. The idea behind this picture book is to show young readers that e...
  • My friend Giorgio

    My friend Giorgio

    José Juan Ruiz Iborra

    Giorgio is an Australian pelican who spends his days catching fish and crustaceans with his friends. He has excellent fishing skills but aft...
  • Toby, a canine hero

    Toby, a canine hero

    M. Victoria Conde

    Pepe, a child with childhood diabetes, and his family visit a farm-school where puppies are trained to take care of people and carry out man...
  • Miguel, the brave turtle

    Miguel, the brave turtle

    L. Alver Palma

    What do you know about sea turtles? Well, in this story Miguel the turtle, his family and friends invite us to travel to their world and be ...
  • It´s time to brush our teeth

    It´s time to brush our teeth

    Dra Josie Salloum

    In the dentist's surgery, parents and children have many doubts about an elementary and fundamental habit in the life of any human being, th...
  • The Grownups have Gone

    The Grownups have Gone

    Pauline Bermingham

    This is the story of ten year old Toby and eight year old Jonah. They are active and full of fun and they are always together. They live in ...
  • The Llamas Bridge to Machu Picchu

    The Llamas Bridge to Machu Picchu

    Rebeca Quevedo-Marron

    This book tells the story about a dream of the little llama Emilia who, in the company of her grandmother, experiences aspects of a mysterio...
  • He is Art

    He is Art

    Patricia Mestre

    What if I were to tell you that all of your dreams will come true? There is only one recipe and it"s held within you. With every new heart, ...
  • Diana and a million adventures

    Diana and a million adventures

    Victoria Colas

    The central character in th book is Diana, a girl who lives with her busy parents and her sister. Her parents work countless hours to provid...
  • The Penguin Who wanted to Meet a Polar Bear

    The Penguin Who wanted to Meet a Polar Bear

    Jose GarGarAs

    En todo tiempo y lugar existen personajes especiales y atrevidos. El afán de aventura, conocimiento e ímpetu de superación hacen que luchen ...
  • Cora and the corals

    Cora and the corals

    Dagmar de Mendieta

    Cora is celebrating her birthday, she is very happy because one of her presents is an underwater camera. Since she lives by the beach and lo...
  • I'm blue

    I'm blue

    María Martínez Gómez

    "Oh, no! I'm blue!"  These are the first words pronounced by Mike, when he wakes up and realises his skin is blue. Share a day with him, tak...
  • I Wish I Had

    I Wish I Had

    Kathryn Escribano Hawken

    Harry Hippo is tired of being brown as he considers it a very boring colour. On his way to school, he sees different animals whose colours a...
  • Toni and the dolphins

    Toni and the dolphins

    Dagmar de Mendieta

    An exciting story that invites us to the world of the brave Tony, son of a fisherman, who, while helping his father, makes a beautiful frien...
  • Singing loud!!

    Singing loud!!

    Paula Forconi

    Singing loud!!! is a book that encourages learning the basic English phrases of catchy and funny songs, and also explains them, from the poi...
  • Kiny & Pump

    Kiny & Pump

    Edurne López Martinez

    La calle Guilmore se disfraza de nuevo y la magia de Halloween atrapa los corazones de quienes se pasean en ella. Admirando grandes ventanal...
  • Thanks, life!

    Thanks, life!

    Rosa Rodríguez

    Alba is a seven year old little girl who lives happily with her family; but suddenly, a disease called cancer meets their lives and Alba's m...
  • Turn on the light

    Turn on the light

    Raquel Castaño

    En ocasiones, personas que queremos mucho deciden que llega la hora de vivir en el cielo, pero no dejan de estar junto a nosotros. La protag...
  • Bright Moon

    Bright Moon

    Eugenia Varese

    Once upon a time, the Moon fell in love for a Prince and decided to come down to Earth to join him, but as the years passed the Moon changed...