La mirada de Daniel

(Various ages, formats and endings) 

This is a collection that brings together works in which, through their contents, different ways of managing emotions are shown, helping to promote the development of Emotional Intelligence from an early age.

  • Shah, the detective

    Shah, the detective

    Miros Kordich

    What is the biggest problem in the world? If you ask people, many would surely tell you it is either lack of food, lack of space, or lack of...
  • The guardian of nightmares

    The guardian of nightmares


    Yex has a very important task: to put an end to the nightmares, the fruit of human fears, confifined in books in a great magical library. Bu...
  • I'm blue

    I'm blue

    María Martínez Gómez

    "Oh, no! I'm blue!"  These are the first words pronounced by Mike, when he wakes up and realises his skin is blue. Share a day with him, tak...
  • Thanks, life!

    Thanks, life!

    Rosa Rodríguez

    Alba is a seven year old little girl who lives happily with her family; but suddenly, a disease called cancer meets their lives and Alba's m...
  • Turn on the light

    Turn on the light

    Raquel Castaño

    En ocasiones, personas que queremos mucho deciden que llega la hora de vivir en el cielo, pero no dejan de estar junto a nosotros. La protag...