Diversity and inclusion in form of stories

Mevés (Collection LGTBI) 2
(And I see myself!) A collection aimed at giving visibility to alternatives and diverse choices, whose books will tell stories of sensitivity, sexual freedom and transgender feelings. 

Illustrated books

La casita esdrújula 3
(New readers, from 4 to 6 years old)The contents and designs of this children's collection are specially created for early readers, as the carefully chosen illustrations, created using different ...
Wooobooks 1
Different books for revolutionary children, to be told in the short winter and long summer nights, or is it the other way round?There are wonderful books that are difficult to categorise, but deserve ...

Stories "about and for" emotional intelligence

La mirada de Daniel 4
(Various ages, formats and endings) This is a collection that brings together works in which, through their contents, different ways of managing emotions are shown, helping to promote the development ...