What´s wrong with Ziggy´s tongue?

What´s wrong with Ziggy´s tongue?

Don’t be afraid of the unknown and discover what surprises Ziggy has for you- you will make a new friend and learn so much too.


On the one hand, we meet Ziggy, who represents the unknown. He fascinates and inspires the narrator to learn more about him and demonstrates the abstract concepts of stereotypes and social differences. We discover the influence of the environment on their innocent point of view and the importance of searching for their own, broader perspective.

On the other hand, we have the matter of languages and communication, which open the doors to unlimited possibilities. Diversity is exemplified by Ziggy and the Narrator’s unquestionable friendship. They remind us that we should never give up on our dreams, even the wildest ones. With meaningful qualities such as empathy and curiosity, we are unstoppable.


Sometimes it's hard to explain to our children what language really is with its differences, and associated varied traditions and cultures. With help from Ziggy and the narrator they can learn that languages, words and even the world can be limitless. The protagonists give the readers a little push to create their own perception with no biases and to search for their own values based on tolerance.

La casita esdrújula
Álbum ilustrado, Lecturas en inglés
  • English
Depósito legal
SE 900-2024
23 cm
23 cm
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15,15 €
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Sobre Ewa Majewska (Escritor)

  • Ewa Majewska
    ‘A different language is a different vision of life, the more visions you have, the more you can give back to the world’.Born in a kaleidoscopic Slavic country, Ewa has been living abroad for a major of her life. Her international experiences began in the United Kingdom where she... Ver más sobre el autor

Sobre Belu Rodríguez Peña (Ilustrador)

  • Belu Rodríguez Peña
    Es Ilustradora, Analista en Diseño Digital y Animadora 2D y 3D, de la ciudad de Rosario, Argentina; durante su continua formación ha pasado por la Escuela de Artes visuales, Ilustración Digital, Licenciatura en Comunicación Visual, Arte Digital.Esta capacitación le permitió conoc... Ver más sobre el autor

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