Miguel, the brave turtle

Miguel, the brave turtle


What do you know about sea turtles?

Well, in this story Miguel the turtle, his family and friends invite us to travel to their world and be part of great adventures. Together with them, we will discover how valuable our dreams are and also what can happen if you don’t fight for them; in fact, we will understand our parents much better with this story. They also teach us the importance of loving and valuing yourself as you are. It is a great story where truth, promises and friendship will be even easier to understand after reading it, and all this in a world of sea turtles. Miguel the turtle had no place in the classic world of a “normal children’s story”. But you should never give up! I, Miguel, advise you to keep trying until you find a way to make your dreams come true. Because I am sure that somewhere in the world there is a space for you. 


Miguel and his brother Olí teach us that great unconditional love between siblings, because siblings are for life. In Carmen and Rogelio you will find those parents who want the best for you, and that is why we must always be grateful, without forgetting all those moments we empathise and share with friends, as Miguel does with Laúd, Caguamo, Golfina and little Lora. Maybe you find in you a Lean, kind and respectful for the environment, or maybe you are as smart and sincere as Lucy.

El planeta imaginario
Narrativa infantil ilustrada, Lecturas en inglés
  • English
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SE 138-2023
14 cm
20 cm
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Sobre L. Alver Palma (Escritor)

  • L. Alver Palma
    Nacido en un pequeño pueblo llamado San Marcos en el estado de Guerrero, México en 1985. Aunque siempre le encantó la literatura, y le apasionaba dibujar y escribir, las adversidades en su niñez y su adolescencia le llevaron a olvidarse de sus sueños y a emigrar de su país de ori... Ver más sobre el autor

Sobre David Belmonte (Ilustrador)

  • David Belmonte
    Soy ilustrador profesional en el campo de la ilustración infantil para cuentos, libros de texto, literatura juvenil y proyectos educativos y promocionales para la infancia. Profesor de talleres de dibujo y pintura para niños en Educartis y centros municipales para mayores. Autor ... Ver más sobre el autor

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