Diana and a million adventures

Diana and a million adventures

The little puppy was looking exactly like the one she always dreamt of, a little labrador. The kindest, the easiest-going dog on the planet Earth she was promised to get for her next birthday. Well, now there she was with this little puppy yelping desperately for help...


The central character in th book is Diana, a girl who lives with her busy parents and her sister. Her parents work countless hours to provide their family with a comfortable life and her sister spends much time at the university. When Diana is alone she finds out that there is a new world to discover just beside her home. The exiting part is that the reader decides what Diana does. By making one decission or another the story unfolds in two different ways. It makes us realise that little decissions can sometimes lead to completely different results.

El personaje central del libro es Diana, una niña que vive con sus padres y su hermana. Sus padres pasan mucho tiempo trabajando para poder ofrecerles a sus hijas una vida acomodada y su hermana pasa mucho tiempo en la universidad. Cuando Diana está sola, se da cuenta que al lado de su casa se encuentra mundo por descubrir. La parte emocionante consiste en que el lector decide las decisiones que toma Diana. Al tomar una decisión u otra, la historia se desarrolla de dos maneras diferentes. Nos hace darnos cuenta de que las pequeñas decisiones a veces pueden llevarnos por dos caminos completamente diferentes.

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SE 1407-2021
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  • Victoria Colas
    Victoria is a 11 year old girl who was born Castellon, Spain. She attends British School and has travelled the world with her parents and her younger sibling. She loves animals, she has two Persian cats, called Winter and Tiger. Her favourite place on earth is Singapore where she... Ver más sobre el autor