Different books for revolutionary children, to be told in the short winter and long summer nights, or is it the other way round?

There are wonderful books that are difficult to categorise, but deserve no less a place in our catalogue... When standard narratives are overtaken by the unexpected, the most transgressive? That's where Wooobooks comes in.

  • Al gets lost in Spain

    Al gets lost in Spain

    María Jesús Quirós

    ¿Qué harías si de repente te despertaras en un país desconocido y no supieras hablar su idioma? Esto es lo que le pasó a Al, con quien tendr...
  • It´s time to brush our teeth

    It´s time to brush our teeth

    Dra Josie Salloum

    In the dentist's surgery, parents and children have many doubts about an elementary and fundamental habit in the life of any human being, th...
  • The Grownups have Gone

    The Grownups have Gone

    Pauline Bermingham

    This is the story of ten year old Toby and eight year old Jonah. They are active and full of fun and they are always together. They live in ...
  • The Penguin Who wanted to Meet a Polar Bear

    The Penguin Who wanted to Meet a Polar Bear

    Jose GarGarAs

    En todo tiempo y lugar existen personajes especiales y atrevidos. El afán de aventura, conocimiento e ímpetu de superación hacen que luchen ...
  • Singing loud!!

    Singing loud!!

    Paula Forconi

    Singing loud!!! is a book that encourages learning the basic English phrases of catchy and funny songs, and also explains them, from the poi...