Il pianeta immaginario

The climate and environmental crisis that our planet is experiencing is a problem that concerns us all. Although, a priori, adults are the most aware of this situation, children also have an important role to play. It is necessary to teach them the value of the place where we live so that they learn to take care of our planet. A planet that we all clearly imagine, in which principles such as respect, awareness, empathy and responsibility are shared by all its inhabitants, giving viability to future generations and different species.

With this collection we want to do our bit so that one day, this imaginary planet becomes a real planet, our planet Earth. Because our children must learn that their children will live on the IMAGINARY PLANET.

  • Boboto


    Sara Méndez

    Boboto è un gorilla di montagna a cui piace esplorare. Quando la sua famiglia sparisce, Boboto decide di intraprendere un lungo viaggio attr...