El equilibrio de Morfeo

(Young readers, from 7 years old) 

This collection is a continuation of "La casita esdrújula", with very similar characteristics to this one, varying only in the number of pages and the size of the texts. Its contents are based on fantasy, and follow the same line of education in values, present in all the BABIDI-BÚ collections.

  • Tooth Witch

    Tooth Witch

    Darya Shymanets

    Join Tooth Witch on a mischievous journey as she uses her magic pliers and spells to extract loose teeth. Is she as wicked as she appears, a...
  • My friend Giorgio

    My friend Giorgio

    José Juan Ruiz Iborra

    Giorgio is an Australian pelican who spends his days catching fish and crustaceans with his friends. He has excellent fishing skills but aft...